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What's Happening at LCN

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

There's been a flurry of activity over the past month. Both Beige 1982 FJ40's and the Blue 1981 FJ40 have been sold. I'm working on trying to find a transport to bring me the 1976 Red/White FJ55 in NY. It's way off the beaten path in the Catskills so it won't be cheap to bring her home. Any Upstate New Yorkers with a trailer want to make some money and visit Iowa?

Meanwhile I've just submitted the Beige 1976 Vortec-powered FJ40 to Bring-A-Trailer so hopefully it will go live in June, The Minty nostalgic Spring Green 1968 FJ40 is patiently waiting to find her new home and I'm patiently waiting to get a 1977 Cool Cruisers restored FJ40 listed in the coming weeks.

I've had several calls with people looking for a variety of Land Cruisers so if you're thinking of selling yours, you may want to consider a Consignment. Call me!

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