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1986 Turbo Diesel FJ60 - Sold

Make: Toyota
Model: Land Cruiser FJ60
Year: 1986
Color: Silver Metallic - 147
Mileage: 21,000 Since Rebuild
Location: IA


  • 12H-T Inline-6 Turbo Diesel

  • 21,000 Engine & Drivetrain

  • 5-Speed H55F

  • Old Man Emu Suspension

  • 4Plus Front & Rear Bumpers

  • 4Plus Slider Step Rails

  • Dual Batteries

  • Dual Jerry Can Holders

  • Safari Snorkle

  • SMITTYBILT 10k Winch

  • 35” BFG KM3

  • Front Shackle Reversal

  • LED Headlights / Marker Lights

  • New ACC Carpets

  • Mastercraft Baja RS Front Seats

  • Rear Seat Upholstered to Match

  • One Stone Padded Armrest

  • Power Steering

  • Air Conditioning

  • Padded Center Console

  • Interior LED lights

  • TEQFAB Cargo Panels

  • 12v Power Outlets

  • Midland 2-Way GMRS Radio

  • TEQFAB Storage Compartment

  • Pull Out Drawer System

  • Rear Hatch LED Lights

  • Huracan Tailgate Storage

  • FJ62 Grab Bar

  • FJ62 Manual Side Mirrors

  • 70-Series Sun Visors

  • Genuine Toyota Hand Throttle

  • Clean CarFax

12H-T Turbo Diesel / 5-Speed 

Sold on Bring-A-Trailer!


In 1985, Toyota brought some really great changes to the Land Cruiser including 4.0L (3,980 cc) inline 6 turbocharged direct injection diesel engine dubbed the 12H-T which still rates as one of Toyota’s best ever oil burners. The 12H-T is long-lived and torquey and remains a prized powerplant even today! Unfortunately you had to be in Australia to buy Land Cruiser with the

12H-T Turbo.

This 1986 Toyota Landcruiser FJ60 is powered by a totally rebuilt 12H-T Turbo Diesel engine, originally installed by Man-A-Fre in California and mated to a new crate 5-Speed (H55f) manual transmission!


Built for on-road and off-road, adventure travel with a focus on self-reliance, resilience, and enjoyment of the journey. This Land Cruiser is built for eager adventurers and sits on an Old Man Emu front and rear Dakar springs suspension, with Man-A-Fre rear shackles, front shackle reversal and sway bar links.


The wheels are Teflon coated 15” alloy American Racing Mojave wheel wheels with 35x12.50R15 BF Goodrich KM3 tires. with 95% tread life remaining. 

The Landcruiser has been repainted with the factory matched silver metallic.

The body has 4Plus front and rear bumpers, as well as 4Plus slider step rails. The rear bumper has dual swing out rear tire carrier as well as a dual jerry can and high lift jack holder. The front houses a brand new unused SmittyBilt winch with wired/wireless remote control and synthetic line.

A safari snorkel system is also installed. Currently the truck is running a K&N cone filter but comes with a powder coated air box.

The headlights have their own upgraded wiring harness and LED’s throughout which is considerable upgrade over stock.

The air conditioning system works great and blows ice cold. The heater works great. The rear heater blower was disconnected during the engine conversion (the front puts our plenty of heat)

The interior is in very good shape with all new carpets installed 6/7/22. Front driver and passenger side seats are MasterCraft Baja RS which are adjustable bucket racing seats, and the rear original seat was re-upholstered to match.  Audio is supplied by a Pioneer head unit with AM/FM/CD/Bluetooth and Pioneer speakers in the doors. The interior also boasts LED lights throughout, including the gauge cluster, interior lights, as well as rear lights added to the rear hatch.

The rear cargo side panels have been replaced with TEQFAB custom wood panels which sports side storage on the rear passenger side with fuse box and rear USB/Cig lighter/12v readout. Great for charging your phone/accessories and monitoring the status of the 2nd battery.

There is a newer center console with a padded top and 4 cup holders with storage inside.
A Midland 2-Way GMRS radio is installed in the center dash with an external speaker controlled by a switched panel made by AuxBeam.

The Land Cruiser has a crate H55F 5-speed Toyota transmission. The 5-speed is a great upgrade from the original 4 speed that was found in the FJ60’s. The 5-speed has approximately 21k miles since it was installed.

The Engine: Toyota’s legendary 12HT direct injection all mechanical, inline six-cylinder Turbo diesel engine. This is the crown jewel of the Land Cruiser! This engine is a highly sought after and hard to find here in the USA. This was Toyotas answer to compete with the Cummins 6BT.  It's an inline-six, direct injected diesel, with a Denso inline mechanical injection fuel pump. The efficient and smooth Denso pump has an automatic timing advance feature that fuels the engine with higher RPM’s, allowing smooth startups, smooth power delivery and strong top end acceleration.
The 12HT was built with high mileage life in mind. It comes equipped with oil cooling nozzles for the pistons, a factory bottom end girdle, and the connecting rod main caps are studded from the factory. The engines oil is internally cooled with a plate cooler in the oil cooler housing.

The engine was rebuild by a former military helicopter mechanic using all Toyota parts, and using the best quality/upgraded Australian parts where Toyota wasn’t available.  Part of the break in process was driving this vehicle from California to South Carolina cruising at 75mph with zero issues! The truck was also recently driven to Colorado from Nashville TN, putting approx. 3,000 trouble free miles on the Land Cruiser. The engine has approx. 18k miles since the rebuild was completed.

What has been done to this 12HT engine?

  • Completely bottom up rebuild of the engine.

  • Fuel pump and injection nozzles have been tested, checked and rebuilt by a certified Denso center.

  • Starter had been rebuilt.

  • Heavy duty Safari clutch by Exedy

  • Engine cylinder bores were bored out .20 over for larger new pistons

  • Pistons are hard forged ALFIN steel Ringland reinforced

  • Piston crowns have been ceramic coated with Cerakote to combat heat and Exhaust Gas Temperatures (EGT’s)

  • Block and head were precisely decked and smoothed

  • New head bolts

  • New valves, valve seats, valve seals and coolant plugs

  • New nitride coated cam lifters installed

  • Custom catch can built for the engine (originally it would vent into the intake)

  • New aluminum radiator and electric fan

  • 3” straight through exhaust - sounds amazing!

  • New belts and hoses throughout

  • Converted from 24v to 12v system (12v alternator and starter). Still have 2 batteries for aux power managed through a Painless Master Minder dual battery control system

  • Upgraded G-Turbo Grunter Extreme Green wheel turbo from Graeme (well known and respected Land Cruiser tuner in Australia), pushing 18psi - stock is 7psi

To reliably run that kind of boost, a custom multi-layer steel head gasket was built and installed.

Almost every single part on this engine has been coated with Cerakote ceramic coating. This is great for abrasion and chemical resistance as well as heat dissipation.

The drivers A pillar has a 3 gauge pod system by Glow Shift - boost gauge, dual EGT (pre and post), plus a coolant temp gauge.  The upper gauge currently is for the coolant temp connected to a probe in the upper radiator hose, and a spare that isn’t currently attached to anything (could be used for a future intercooler or something else.) The middle shows readouts from dual EGT probes allow you to see precise turbo health, efficiency and accurate temps for turbo cool down.
The lower is a mechanical boost gauge.  The fuel pump is adjusted and tuned for good drivability. The truck get's 18-20mpg on 35” tires!


















Features include:

  • Fully rebuilt Toyota 12H-T engine

  • G Turbo from Australia

  • H55 5 speed transmission

  • Dual batteries (everything is converted to 12v. 2nd batt is for accessories)

  • Painless Master Minder battery system for linking batteries in series

  • 4+ front bumper

  • 4+ sliders

  • 4+ Rear bumper with tire carrier and dual Jerry can holder

  • Table added to back of rear jerry can swing arm

  • FJ62 side mirrors

  • Safari snorkel

  • Brand new Smitty built 10k winch with synthetic line and factor 55 flat link (never used)

  • LED headlights and marker lights

  • Front light independent wiring harness for better light output

  • 15 inch wheels with 35” BFG KM3 less than 10,000 miles on them

  • Front shackle reversal

  • Old man emu Springs and shocks

  • Old man emu front steering stabilizer

  • Mastercraft Baja RS front seats

  • Rears seats reupholstered to match the front

  • All new ACC carpets

  • One stone padded armrest from Australia

  • Auxbeam control panel for 2-way radio and lights (similar to S pod)

  • Midland 2-way GMRS radio with external speaker

  • Alamosa Antenna

  • Aftermarket padded center console with six cupholders

  • Interior LED lights

  • TEQFAB rear side cargo panels with 12v power outlets, readout and Anderson plug

  • TEQFAB rear passenger storage compartment in panel

  • Single pull out drawer system on passenger side from land shark outfitters with pull out chopping board

  • Rear hatch LED lights wired to second auxiliary battery on independent rocker switch

  • Tailgate storage hatch by Huracan Fabrication

  • FJ62 Grab bar

  • 70 series sun visors

  • Genuine Toyota hand throttle added

 Vehicle Disclosure:

  • The paint was recently polished and looks very good for a vehicle of this age, there are small defects like minor bubbling scuffs, scratches and chips. You have to look pretty hard and these are pictured in the galley. 

  • Minor surface rust can be found on the frame. Previous owner applied POR15 rust proof to areas of the frame.

  • The digital A-pillar pod gauge gives the driver a very accurate water temperature. The stock temp gauge has been known to give a less accurate reading.

This is an extremely well built Landcruiser with a freshly rebuilt 12H-T Turbo Diesel and 5-Speed transmission. It's not your typical FJ60. Everyone who see's her has the same reaction, COOL!

For more information call (515) 864-1275 or email 

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