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Sold - 1967 Austin-Healey

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

This beautiful 1967 Austin-Healey 3000 BJ8 Mk III is scheduled to end TODAY, Tuesday, July 18 at 10:45am Pacific Time, but may go longer if there’s bidding at the end! Here’s what has happened so far:

Current bid: $68,000

# of Comments: 70

# of Watchers: 792

# of Views: 7,378

1967 Austin Healey 3000, MKIII Delivered Dover, Idaho August 10, 2010, Mileage 76,697

Built 22-23 Feb 1967, Dispatched England 17 Apr 1967 Car/Chassis Number H-BJ8-L/40768, Body Number 85591

This 1967 Austin Healy 3000 Mark III has just been the subject of a ground-up restoration by renowned Austin Healey specialist Knut Holzer’s British Motor Corporation shop in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Further sorting and tuning by Forever Healey’s Feb 2011. Heritage interior installed March 2011.

A stunning example, this Healey Blue beauty is nothing short of spectacular, and many subtle features make it better than new.

A rotisserie nut and bolt restoration has been completely sandblasted, and every body panel coated in self-etching primer. The frame has been trued; the individual panels fitted and removed 6 times in the process, assuring that every body gap is precisely consistent.

The drive train is completely rebuilt and bracing precise.

The engine head and block are decked (or machined) for precise and perfect matching. The hardened valve stems and other updating create an engine that runs on common no lead fuel. The engine is balanced to the tolerances of a high end racing motor. All new hydraulics and braking system were fitted.

The Standox paint system is state of the art German engineering. Costing more than $700 a gallon, the restorer has enclosed every panel, and every square inch of chassis in a product whose specific formula and color (the precise Healey Blue used by Healey in 1967) will always be available from the coating manufacturer.

The sheet metal, where replaced, is recreated to factory specs. Holzer’s shop uses only panels manufactured to original mill thickness, rather than lower quality replacement parts with a 30% thinner thickness.

Custom fit Heritage upholstery at a cost of over $11,000 includes blue Connolly leather with parchment piping. All interior carpeting is Wilton wool, the same as is used by Rolls Royce.

Re-engineered cooling system and additional foot-well insulation serve to reduce a chronic Healey drawback, excess cockpit heat. The internal capacity of the cooling system has been increased some 40%, and the stock 4 blade fan replaced with 6 blades, larger radiator and electric cooling fan. The system appears stock, but the radiator tanks and sides are subtly enlarged, resulting in an operating temperature some 20% lower than in its original state.

Fresh chrome, blue Sun Fast fabric boot and top with vinyl tonneau cover, 60 spoke chrome wire wheels, tool kit and jack complete the package.

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