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1987 FJ60 - Call

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Make: Toyota

Model: Land Cruiser FJ60

Year: 1987

Color: Dk. Blue Metallic

Mileage: 162500 chassis

Engine 88000 miles

Location: IA

Contact: 515-864-1275



  • Custom Restoration

  • Modern Mechanicals

  • Old School Appearance

  • Complete Exterior Refinish

  • Vortec 5.3L GM motor

  • Z06 Texas Cam

  • 371 HP Dyno tuned

  • 4L 60 E Auto Transmission

  • A/C converted R134A

  • Cruise Control

  • Power Heated Seats

  • Custom Exhaust

  • Old Man Emu Suspension

  • Toyota 70 Series 16" Rims

  • New BFG 285 Tires

  • Factory Sway Bar

  • Quality Build

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5.3L Vortec Powered Custom FJ60


This Land Cruiser was originally delivered to Tom Lyons Toyota in Boulder Colorado. The original window sticker which goes with the truck totaled $19,209 including dealer prep and a dealer installed protection package.  She spent the majority of her life in Colorado until the owner purchased her in 2016. Previous owner owned the truck for 8 years. Carfax shows records back to 1996 in Colorado.


She's an extremely nice clean rust free example of the 1987 Land Cruiser. There was no rust and only minor cosmetic issues on the right rear quarter which are documented in the photos.  The owner proceeded to give the vehicle a complete interior and exterior restoration, including upgrades to more modern features to make it much more pleasurable to drive, more capable and more comfortable, while retaining much of the original features for the Land Cruiser and maintaining the original look.  


The first part addressed was the chassis. The owner installed a complete new OME suspension with new springs, shocks, anti-reversible greaseable shackles, and completely cleaned the underside and put on a coding of fluid film to maintain it. It was in excellent shape and did not need any rust removal or restoration other than that.  However, he did replace the C channels, as they can contain hidden rust.  He did not find any other than normal surface, but a good preventative move.  The fuel tank had been replaced by the factory recall by the dealer.  Th owner replaced all the front steering components with OEM Toyota and rebuilt both the front knuckles with new bearings and seals.  The truck rides on Toyota 70 series 16 inch rims and new BFG 285 tires. I added castor shims to correct oversteer from the lift.  I also added a factory sway bar, which really improved the handling.  Drives and handles very solid, no sway or wandering.


The next step was to update the powertrain. I installed a 2002 5.3 L GM motor that was upgraded with the Z06 Texas cam. It produces 371 hp and is mated to a 4L 60 E transmission.  A video of the Dyno when the engine was finished can be seen below.  A PSI custom harness, and new ECM was added along with several electrical components including a dedicated fuse box for accessories, a second battery with a Hellroaring battery isolator, and bus bars for positive and negative connections under the hood.  The AC system was converted to R134A, and upgraded to a stock GM compressor with hoses specially made it to match the Toyota system.  Factory cruise control module for the GM motor was added with a Rostra control in the cab to give it full function cruise control. The truck was fitted with dual electric fans controlled by the ECU and a stock FJ62 air filter assembly, which fit nicely, cleanly, and enables the motor to intake cool air which really helps in engine efficiency.  The brought the intake air temperature down 50° to 70° over a cone air filter.  The engine mounts and crossmember were sourced from ICON, which they use in their EROD 60 series conversions.  The exhaust was custom built using stock GM LS3 exhaust manifolds and exhaust routed in front of the transfer case.  The factory transfer case skid shield was in remanufactured to fit the new crossmember and exhaust routing. You can see this in the attached video.  Both front and rear differentials were upgraded to 4:11 to give better highway drivability and the front bump stops were extended to give better clearance protection for the front differential and the oil pan. A tow/haul switch was added to the dash.  It could also be called sport mode.  When in the "Off" position, it shifts normally.  With it "ON", it delays each shift to higher RPM, depending on the throttle position.  This gives much better throttle response, as it puts the RPM into the 2000+ rpm range before it shifts. Any reputable tuner can adjust these to whatever suits the driver.  This adjustment was done by TPIS in Shakopee, MN.   They also adjusted the fuel and timing curves to fit the shift tune  


The interior was in excellent shape but to improve it further the owner upgraded the front seats with BMW heated power leather seats and the rear seat was upgraded to an FJ62 style seat which gives it headrests and shoulder harness in the rear.  The rear seat was recovered to match the front seats.  Complete front to rear new carpet set was installed with Dynomat under the carpet for sound deadening as well as the factory jute that is on the carpet. A Tuffy console was installed and a factory FJ62 floor shifter in the factory position. The dash pad was in great shape and all the gauges function exactly as they did OEM. A factory Toyota Altimeter was added along with a Dakota digital tachometer module and upgraded the factory FJ60 tachometer with an FJ62 tachometer, which goes up to 5000 RPM versus only 4000 for the FJ60.  All the interior and exterior lights were replaced with LEDs. The headlights were replaced with the factory Toyota Koito H4 headlights.  The factory FJ60 radio was removed and upgraded to modern electronics giving a much better sound and better tuning. It looks and functions exactly as original. Rear speakers from an FJ62 were added in the cargo area.  

Once all these upgrades were completed, the vehicle was driven for about a year to make sure everything was functioning correctly. At that point, work on the exterior began. The body was completely stripped of all chrome, handles, latches, windows, weatherstripping-- everything that wasn’t original body color. No taping over. No painting over even the smallest screw or clip.  They were all removed.   It was stripped to a bare body shell. The doors were stripped of all glass and mechanisms and front fender wells were removed to be painted individually   It was then painted the original Dark Blue Metallic color.  All the doors, hood, and hatches were completely removed and painted individually.  There was no rust to repair, and only minor body dings and the dent on the right rear lower quarter.  The drip rail had no rust in it whatsoever. But there was some cracking in the caulk so that was completely stripped out and new drip caulk installed prior to painting. Rock guard was installed on the rocker panel surfaces and lower rear quarter panel for protection prior to final paint.  Pictures of the vehicle being delivered to paint, and pictures during the painting process, as well as the finished product are available. Then the vehicle was reassembled completely, with factory chrome trim on the rockers,  factory mud flaps and new grill and factory OEM headlight trim.


It is important to note that many of the original items are still on this truck and illustrate how well the vehicle was cared for before the restoration and improvements.  The owner pays particular attention to details, and keep as much of the original parts possible.  All the “Born With Parts”.   For instance,  The front and rear bumpers are the original factory with new OEM end caps.  All emblems are original, interior and exterior door parts, all the sheet metal, the entire dash including the original dash pad.  All the interior panels, rear license plate light, and the rubber trim on the rear lock—all born with.  All the weatherstripping is original to the truck.  New hood adjusters and side rubber on the fenders for the hood were added.  Every latch, catch or hinge on the entire truck is original.  It’s really a great survivor in that sense.  Everything fits perfectly, doors, hood, hatch all close nicely. It’s probably better than new.  The owner had a 3M clear mask installed on the hood front, and below the grill to prevent the common hood chips / road rash. Every single device on the truck works.  Even the headlight washers (and yes, the headlight washer tank.)  The headlight washer has been re-wired to a button on the dash, similar to the rear window washer.


She's been driven about 8,000 miles with a 2000 of those miles driven in the last two weeks of August 2020.  She averaged 15-19 MPG on the trip, which varied on speed.  Anywhere from 60-80 MPH for most roads. Cruise control on all the way.  Performed flawlessly.  No squeaks, rattles or wind noise. The truck is driven often and stored it in a heated shop in the winter. 


The overall goal with this build was to create a modern, vintage FJ60.  A Land Cruiser that retains her original look with many modern conveniences that improve overall comfort and performance. The owner builds vehicles because he finds it challenging, rewarding, and honestly, a lot of fun. Its his passion. He does not hurry the process however, when it’s done, its done right.

Call 515 864 1275 or email 

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