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1986 Turbo Diesel 5-Speed FJ60

Turbo Diesel / 5-Speed FJ60 on Bring-A-Trailer.

In 1985, Toyota brought some really great changes to the Land Cruiser including 4.0L (3,980 cc) inline 6 turbocharged direct injection diesel engine dubbed the 12H-T which still rates as one of Toyota’s best ever oil burners. The 12H-T is long-lived and torquey and remains a prized power plant! Unfortunately you had to be in Australia to buy Land Cruiser with the 12H-T Turbo.

This 1986 Toyota Landcruiser FJ60 is powered by a totally rebuilt 12H-T Turbo Diesel engine, originally installed by Man-A-Fre in California and mated to a new crate 5-Speed (H55f) manual transmission! Click the photo below to check it out.

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