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1985 FJ60 with 58K Miles (Left) 1988 FJ62 with 13K miles (right)

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Land Cruiser Wagons are ON FIRE!

A red 1985 FJ60 with 58K miles just sold for $57,750 on Bring-A-Trailer! What is this 1988 Silver Metallic FJ62 above with 13K miles worth???

FJ60/62 Wagons have taken center stage as the nostalgic and hip vintage wagon of choice. Comfortable, roomy and more practical for families, these wagons are experiencing great appreciation and a quick look at the Hagerty valuation charts below support this.


FJ60/62 Series Valuation Chart

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Let’s face it, the wagons are more comfortable and drivable, they have power steering, A/C and a few other power options and they’re still totally cool! This is why most 60 series trucks have over 250,000 miles on them, But not all, which brings me to the point.


There is currently an unique opportunity to own the rarest FJ62 on the globe. The lowest miles, most pristine and collectable FJ62 known to exist. She is firmly priced ay $69,995. You can see this enigmatic example HERE. -> <a href=>1988 Land Cruiser FJ62</a>


She's in phenomenal original condition. Original paint, interior, mechanicals, everything except the tires. Today, she has a mere 13,500 miles in the rear view mirror. There are no "known" equals to this Land Cruiser Wagon. If you would like more information, please call (515) 864-1275 or send me an email at

Impossibly Low Miles 1988 FJ62

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