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New - Land Cruiser Buyer Consulting

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Which Land Cruiser to choose?

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The Land Cruiser market is a vast and confusing place. It's not easy to wade through the vehicles for sale and know when you're staring down a good deal. I've been helping sellers for years by taking vehicles on consignment but offered no formal services to help BUYERS. I get many calls, texts and emails asking me for help evaluating vehicles that are for sale, so many in fact I've decided to "formally" offer my consulting services to buyers.


I've been personally evaluating vintage Land Cruisers for decades. Now buyers can tap into that expertise. I will help guide you to a vehicle that you'll feel good about and help you avoid expensive mistakes.


The consulting fee is $100 per hour with a one hour minimum. I can evaluate a vehicle and render an opinion quickly so a few hundred dollars can go long way. Chances are, if it's for sale, I am already aware of it. This is an affordable way to avoid disaster.


Take advantage of my years of experience with Land Cruisers. I know what to look for. I know the right questions. I know the fair market value! Now you can choose not to "go it alone".


For more information on all LCN services visit the SERVICES page


• Benefit From Experience <br>

• Expert Evaluation - Find The Right Vehicle <br>

• Know The Right Questions <br>

• Reduce Risk, Save Money <br>

• Avoid Overpaying

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