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1981 Land Cruiser FJ40

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Why is it that Land Cruiser buyers target US spec trucks that were produced AFTER August of 1980? It's because they are among the best available! Here's some of the reasons why.

In August of 1980, Toyota added some final touches to the US spec FJ40. They introduced the split transfer case and an updated four-speed transmission which was considerably smoother and quieter than it’s predecessor.

The emergency brake design was updated using cables to actuate the rear drum brakes vs. the earlier models, which deployed a drum that sat behind the transfer case and was problematic and less efficient. The steering wheel was re-designed to a more modern look.

By this time, the FJ40 already had 3:70 gears vs. the pre-79 4:11 gears. The fuel tank had been relocated from under the passenger seat to a safer location underneath the vehicle that allowed for an increased from 16 to 21.6 gallons. The odometer was upgraded from five digits to six-digits. The front seats became reclining, the jump seats were given metal U-shaped legs for added support.

These trucks are in very short supply which is why they hold their values and appreciate more than earlier Land Cruisers. Contact me if you would like more information. For more photos and more details CLICK HERE.

Vital Statistics:

  • Beautiful Example

  • 4.2L Inline 6-Cylinder

  • 4-Speed Manual Transmission

  • 3:70 Gears

  • Power Steering

  • Warn 8274 Winch

  • FJ60 Chrome Wheels

  • Front Disc Brakes

  • Old Man Emu Suspension

  • BGF All Terrain Tires

  • New Optima Red Top Battery

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