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2018 Review

Updated: Dec 27, 2018

Happy New Year! 2018 was a good year for vintage trucks! The looming 2020 re-introduction of the Ford Bronco has the early Bronco market on fire and later Ford Bronco's values rising as well.

Two generations of Chevrolet C/K Series trucks (1960–66 and 1973–87) are also enjoying intense attention in the market.

According to Hagerty, the leading insurance agency for collector vehicles, fourteen of the Top 25 classic vehicles today are trucks and SUVs.

The Land Cruiser 40 series and 60 series continue to have a strong following and the newer models like the 80 series and 100 series are emerging as the new classics. Importing Land Cruiser's from outside the USA continues to present opportunities in the market, fueling several restoration shops as consumers become more educated about the variations between NAS models and imports.

I'm looking forward to warming up in Scottsdale, AZ at Barrett Jackson, Jan 12-20 and promise a short write up on the what we learned!

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