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The FJ46

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

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OK, so Toyota never made an FJ46 but if they did, it might look like this. It’s been called an FJ40.5 but I like FJ46 better since it’s really an extended version of what appears as an FJ45.  This custom build was born an FJ40 and was modified over the course of years to what you see here today. It’s ready for the Rubicon, Moab or whatever challenge you might choose. This super capable rig is powered by a TBI Crate 350 and built from the ground up with best of breed performance components.

She's tucked away in a building full of nice Land Cruisers but if your interested, she IS available in the high $40's. Give me a call at 515-864-1275 if you're interested. You will find several photos located HERE.

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