114K Mile FJ60 Wagon

I currently have five really nice wagons available. This one was owned by a Veterinarian in Lolo, MT. He loved and pampered this FJ60 and cared for her like one of his patients. Purchased at and serviced by Bitterroot Motors all it's life. The truck has 114,000 miles and is still wearing most of her original paint with a precious few nicks and scratches.


New BGF KO2's. Recent service includes water pump, P/S belt, clutch slave cylinder, inner axle seals, clutch assembly, flywheel, oil pan gasket, exhaust gaskets.

<img src="http://www.fototime.com/%7B5D02BFCB-E162-45DD-9265-98962CA057E6%7D/origpict/DSC_1126.jpeg">


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