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Idaho Honda Collection

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

I'm honored to be representing the sale of this beautiful Honda motorcycle collection in northern Idaho. The collection will be sold over this spring and summer. I will continue to post updates here. If you love Hondas like I do, this is for you! For more info and pricing please give me a call at (515) 864 1275 or send an email to

You can download the list of bikes by clicking below.

Bill Wilson's Bikes
Download PDF • 100KB

133 Vintage Honda Trail bikes and motorcycles. Most of these are vintage Z50s, CT70s, CT90s, CT110s and others like Scramblers, Passports, XL, CL and CB class bikes. With very few exceptions these bikes are all in wonderful condition. Many with less than 1000 miles, several with less than 500 and a few with less than 100 miles. These items were collected with passion over the course of decades. There's also a considerable amount of Honda signage, manuals, shop supplies and parts.


More video!

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