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This Little Piggy Went To Market.

This ole' gal and I go WAY back to 2002. I have some great memories of riding with my cubs in tow when they were little. I bought her back in Feb of 2021 from the folks I sold her to.

I spent a little over a year giving her a her facelift. Vintage Land Cruisers are rare but nice FJ55's are UBER-RARE. They are unique. They stand out. Most people have never laid eyes on one. Toyota reportedly offered the FJ55 from 1967 to 1980.


  • 1967 – Production of the FJ55 began. The FJ55 was a 4-door station wagon version based on the FJ40's Drive-train, replacing the 4-Door FJ45V (I). It was colloquially known as the "Moose". It has also been referred to as a "pig" or an "iron pig". The FJ55 had a longer wheelbase (at 2,700 mm (106 in)) and was mainly designed to be sold in North America and Australia. Fire engine versions were also available, using the regular front clip but with open bodywork and no doors.[32]

  • 1975 – January 1975 saw the F series engine being replaced by the 2F engine.[22] Unusual for Toyota, the model designation (e.g. FJ55) did not change, except in Japan, where it was changed to FJ56.

  • July 1980 – Production ends.

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